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Our company is focused on creating and nurturing a community of artists in Sacramento through sustainable partnerships with other community organizations and local businesses, with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the arts. At the heart of this effort is the Nhan Ho Project, which brings together dancers and artists from across Sacramento to collaborate on new works for public performance.

Our mission is to build community through art, and we strive to embody this mission in all aspects of our work, from our rehearsal space to our public performances. Our organization provides an opportunity for a diverse group of non-professional dancers from different backgrounds to collaborate and perform together. We have a Professional Contemporary Dance Company as well as the Movement Choir, which welcomes participants from all levels of dance training and different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Our members range from college dance majors to adults working in various sectors, and we welcome experienced performers as well as those who are new or returning to performance.

Unlike many professional dance companies, which tend to draw from a small pool of familiar faces, the Movement Choir actively seeks out dancers from across the community who might not otherwise have the chance to meet and work together. Our hope is that by doing so, we can not only strengthen the Sacramento arts community, but also encourage more people to attend community arts performances.


As we continue to expand our membership and public outreach, we plan to offer more free and low-cost performances that build community through collaborations with other artists. Our annual performances by the Dance Company and Movement Choir are just the beginning. Ultimately, we believe that Nhan Ho Project can make a significant impact on the Sacramento community by creating opportunities for artists to collaborate across disciplines and neighborhoods, and by providing access to the arts for a wider audience.


Director of Nhan Ho Project

Artistic Director | Choreographer | Dancer | Storyteller | Artist

MFA in DANCE - University of Arizona 2024

BA in Dance - San Jose State University 2008

Nhan Ho is a San Jose-based artist known for his versatility in dance as a choreographer, dancer, teacher, director, and mentor. He is passionate about collaborating with other artists and is recognized for his innovative and unpredictable choreography. In 2010, he founded Nhan Ho Project, where he serves as the Artistic Director and provides professional opportunities for many artists. Nhan's works have been showcased across the US and he has also choreographed for numerous dance programs and companies. As a performer, he has danced for several reputable companies and continues to balance his work as a performer with his other roles. Nhan regularly mentors dancers in the San Jose and Sacramento communities and is the Director of The PHamily at Northern California Dance Conservatory. He is currently completing his MFA in Dance at the University of Arizona. To learn more about Nhan Ho's work, please visit his website at


Samantha Chizek

Current Artistic Director of NHP Sacramento

Samantha Chizek, a dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She completed her B.A. in Dance at California State University, Sacramento in 2021. Has been dancing in the Yuba-Sutter and Sacramento area for over 20 years and has had the pleasure of dancing in pieces by Keri LaGrand, Mike Esperanza, Melecio Estrella of Bandalooping, Darrius Strong of STRONGmovement, Pat Taylor of JazzAntiqua, and Leandro Damasco Jr. She has worked with professors from both San Diego State University and Sacramento State University including; Leslie Seiters, Joe Alter, Bernard Brown, Lorelei Bayne, Megan Brunsvold-Mercedes.
Samantha is the Artistic Director of Nhan Ho Project. A contemporary fusion based dance company in Sacramento that is dedicated to bringing the surrounding community together through dance and movement. She is also a member of Borne Dance Company, a contemporary dance company based in Sacramento and New York. Borne Dance Company is dedicated to raising awareness to mental health, eating disorders, and body positivity through art and movement.
She also teaches some contemporary and adult dance classes at Step 1 Dance and Fitness in Natomas. She has choreographed in various styles for competitive dance teams, who have competed and participated in workshops/conventions all over California and Nevada. She enjoys sharing her passion for dance and being able to share such an art form with the students.

“To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.” -Aubrey Lynch

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